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The pace of technological change continues to increase, and accurate and timely information is vital to stay competitive. Although there is no shortage in the quantity of information available, finding reliable, quality data is time consuming and requires a knowledge of appropriate sources and systems. The Information Services team at Ricardo have the knowledge and experience required to locate and provide information required by Ricardo clients.


Recommended products

Ricardo provide a range of information services, including


EMLEG is an online exhaust emissions legislation service, covering over 50 countries, worldwide. Official, legislative documents can be difficult to read and understand. EMLEG provides summaries of legislation, and provides easier access to the key points of the emissions limits. Links to the full-text documents are provided where available.

For more details, visit the EMLEG home page, and watch the introductory video.

To subscribe to the EMLEG service, visit the online store.

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The Ricardo Powerlink Database contains references to over 250,000 technical papers in the field of powertrain and vehicle engineering. All the content has been selected by Information Services staff, to eliminate the often time-consuming process of sorting through thousands of irrelevant results when searching the internet.

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News Bulletins

The News Bulletins are published on a monthly basis, and provide a convenient way to stay up to date with the latest developments in broad technology areas.

There are a total of 10 Bulletins in the series.

New Engine News                       Alternative Powertrain News
Transmissions News                   Control & Electronics News
Fuel Economy News                   Fuels & Lubricants News
Vehicle Engineering News          Gas Engine News
Components News                      Large Engine News
Conference List                           Autonomous Vehicle Update



Literature & Data Searches

Information Services can perform one-off searches on demand. These can be literature-based, or can use other data sources to provide information regarding technical specifications or sales and production statistics.

Document Delivery

Subject to copyright constraints, Ricardo can supply full-text copies of papers via the Document Delivery Service. We aim to respond to requests within 24 hours, providing a fast and efficient way to obtain papers referenced in the Powerlink Database and News Bulletins.


A managed collection of selected material, ensuring only relevant information is added to the system.

An easy-to-use database, providing quick access to relevant papers and reports.

A family of news bulletins, delivered by email, and ensuring quick access to the latest technology developments.

Access to other Library resources, including alternative databases and information sources.

Time and efficiency savings though experienced staff searching and retrieving information for you.