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BMW 320d Manual Efficient Dynamics Diesel Vehicle Emissions Economark Benchmarking Study

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This report contains detailed vehicle testing results from a study on the 2013 Mercedes ML250 diesel vehicle.

Product Description

The Economark report includes a comprehensive technology and hardware review, based on public domain data. The technical approach to coast down testing is explained with results and comparisons. Emissions test results are shown with analysis comments, and the report is concluded with a summary of the study as a whole.

Main features:

  • Efficient Dynamics vehicle testing (109 g/km)
    • Road load measurements at MIRA Proving Ground
    • NEDC cold and hot testing on chassis dyno including particle measurement (sizing and number)
    • Testing repeated with measured and engineered CD data to meet 109g/km homologation values
    • Real World Cycles testing, ARTEMIS and ADAC cycle
  • Detailed comparison of ED (109g/km) vs SE (120g/km)
    • Coast down measurements, aero and tyre influence
    • Detailed vehicle test CO2 walk from SE to ED vehicle
  • N47 Efficient Dynamics Engine Testing (109 g/km)
    • Full Load Engine Power-Curve
    • Gear dependency strategy investigations
    • Hot 85°C full mapping
    • Cold 55°C full mapping
    • Injection strategies

Economark - BMW 320d

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