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2013 Mercedes ML350 OM642 Diesel Vehicle Emissions Economark Benchmarking Study

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This report contains detailed vehicle testing results from a study on the 2013 Mercedes ML250 vehicle with the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine.

Product Description

This Economark report includes a comprehensive technology and hardware review, based on public domain data.

Main features include:

  • Overview of Engine Technologies
  • Vehicle Testing
    • Road load measurements at Idiada
    • NEDC and WLTC testing on chassis dyno
    • Assessment of EGR strategy
    • Aerodynamic measurements in wind tunnel
  • Engine testing
    • Full load power and torque curves
    • Gear dependant calibration strategies
    • EGR strategy and hysteresis
    • Cylinder pressure
    • 180+ engine maps, including BSFC, brake specific emissions, aftertreatment conversion efficiency (incl. NOx conversion), intake throttle and swirl control, injection strategies, combustion noise, etc.
    • Comparison to benchmark database
  • Engine Friction Teardown
    • Breaking the subsystems down as follows:
      • Fuel pump
      • Coolant pump
      • Complete FEAD
      • Alternator
      • AC compressor
      • Vacuum pump
      • Oil pump
      • Valvetrain & timing drive
      • Pistons and connecting rods
  • Design Report
    • Detailed design report with system and component images, key dimensions, valve lift data, schematics of lubrication, cooling and breathing systems, etc.

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