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BMW MINI Cooper 1.5L B38 3-Cylinder gasoline engine benchmarking study

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This report contains detailed testing results from a study on the 2014 BMW B38 3-cylinder 1.5-litre gasoline engine.

Product Description

Features of this report include –

  • Overview of engine technologies
  • Vehicle testing
    • NEDC test analysis
    • Comparison to benchmarking database
  • Engine testing
    • Test cell installation and preparation
    • Gear dependency
    • Power curve and motoring friction
    • Hot mapping
    • Cold mapping
  • Design Report
    • Detailed design report with system and component images, key dimensions, valve lift data, schematics of lubrication, cooling and breathing systems etc.
  • Conclusions

The report consists of over 450 pages, including all contents and reference pages, in a PowerPoint-style PDF file.

Economark - BMW B38



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