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BMW Mini Cooper D 1.5-litre B37 3-Cylinder Diesel

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This report contains detailed vehicle testing results from a study on the 2014 BMW Mini 1.5 litre 3 cylinder Diesel engine.

Product Description

The report explains the technical approach to coast down testing with results and comparisons. Emissions test results for two different test cycles are shown with analysis comments, and the report is concluded with a summary of the study as a whole. An extensive appendix is present, showing plots of all available second by second data over the emissions tests.

Main features:

  • Overview of engine technologies
  • Engine testing
    • Overview of Engine Testing
    • Full Load Power-Curve
    • 90°C 3rd Gear Mapping
    • 52°C 3rd Gear Mapping
    • Additional Mapping Tasks
  • Engine Friction Teardown
    • Fuel pump loss
    • FEAD loss
    • Vacuum pump loss
    • Oil pump loss
    • Crankshaft friction
    • Valvetrain friction
    • Balancer shaft friction
  • Design report
    Detailed design report with system and component images, key dimensions, valve lift data, schematics of lubrication, cooling and breathing systems, etc.

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