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BMW Mini Cooper S IL4 1.6-Litre Gasoline Engine Design Benchmark Report


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A detailed design benchmarking study of the BMW Mini Cooper S IL4 1.6L gasoline engine.

Product Description

Product Description

This 2003 report covers a detailed design benchmarking study of the BMW Mini Cooper S IL4 1.6L gasoline engine and includes a photographic record of all the main components, plus individual masses and dimensions. Ricardo comments on specific design features are also included.

The mechanically driven supercharger used in this ‘Cooper S’ engine contributes to the 120kW power output which is 35kW higher than the ‘Cooper’ engine at 85kW.  The mechanically driven supercharger does not suffer from lag and has also contributed to a fast catalytic converter light-off because of the low exhaust system heat capacity compared to a turbocharged engine. This engine meets Euro4 and LEV emissions targets

This engine has a maximum power of 120kW at 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 210Nm at 4000rpm.

Main features:

  • Cylinder Block, Cylinders, Crankcase and Main Bearing Structure
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting Rod, Bearings
  • Piston, Pin and Rings, Cylinder Head and Ports
  • Camshafts, Valve Train and Cam Cover
  • Inlet, Exhaust and Emission Control System

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