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BMW N47S 2.0-Litre 4-Cylinder Diesel Powertrain NVH Benchmark Report

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This report contains detailed NVH measurements and assessments for the BMW N47S twin turbo 150kW diesel powertrain, as fitted to the BMW123d hatchback for sale in the European market

Product Description

The report includes comprehensive powertrain NVH characteristics for the 2.0-litre BMW N47S, acquired through vehicle and powertrain tests.    The report also includes an assessment of the technical features of the powertrain and their effect on NVH.

The report consists of a total of 131 pages, including contents and reference pages, in a PowerPoint style PDF file, with supporting sound recordings.

Main features:

  • Objective and subjective baseline powertrain NVH measurements
  • Both in-vehicle and powertrain only (test cell) measurement results
  • Details of the instrumentation used
  • Identification and assessment of NVH contributors
  • Effectiveness of NVH palliatives with advantages and disadvantages
  • Results in graphical format with supporting sound files
  • NVH engineering specialist assessments
  • Covers
    • Competitor comparison
    • Overall sound pressure levels
    • Effect of engine load and idle noise
    • Cold start and warm up
    • Transient operation
    • Frequency content and tonal sources
    • Combustion and mechanical breakdown
    • Effect of FEAD belt on radiated noise
    • Effect of acoustic top cover on radiated noise
    • Effect of transmission on radiated noise
    • Effect of balancer shaft on radiated noise
    • Sound power survey
    • Uniaxial and triaxial vibration
    • Rotational vibration
    • Vehicle noise transfer function and sound transmission loss
    • Predicted interior noise

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