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Critical Issue Resolution

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A fast, global and comprehensive response to your critical technical issues.


Product Description


If you need help, we will –

  • contact you with 24 hours to confirm if we can help
  • arrange for an expert to talk to you free of charge within 48 hours
  • quickly define how we can support you and get on with resolving the issue

Contact details –

Email –

Tel – +44 (0)1273 455611

The rapid resolution of unplanned technical issues is vital in order to avoid a substantial impact on business performance.

For many years Ricardo has solved issues including:

  • Warranty problems
  • Quality issues from manufacturing plant or supplier
  • Programme gateways at risk because of a complex technical issue
  • Poor product performance affecting sales in a particular market







Case Studies (names omitted for confidentiality)

  • For a major global OEM we assembled a team of 40 engineers in Japan within 1 month to resolve a major series of quality and warranty issue
  • For a year we have run the complete warranty and quality resolution activity for an engine OEM on 2 of their engine families
  • A small team from Ricardo recently resolved a warranty issue costing £m/mth that the OEM had struggled to fix for some time
  • Key personnel from our battery electrical and thermal teams resolved issues with a 2014 Formula 1 energy storage system to increase reliability and performance
  • Resolution of a significant chassis NVH issue that occurred close to vehicle launch

Why Ricardo?

  • access to a team of over 2000 experts
  • our global presence means we can quickly get engineers to the problem
  • proven and robust methodology for issue resolution
  • access to our wide range of facilities and tools
  • scale and culture than enables us to respond fast