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Daimler C250 OM651 Euro 5 Piston Cooling Benchmarking Final Report

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This report contains detailed information and test results surrounding the oil and coolant systems featured of the OM651 engine from Daimler as fitted in the Mercedes C250.

Product Description

The report includes a comprehensive investigation into the variable piston cooling jet (PCJ) strategy and electronically controlled thermostat cooling system employed on the OM651 diesel engine from Daimler. The NEDC emissions drive cycle is predominantly used for analysis, as well as steady state engine mapping to define PCJ activation criteria.
The report consists of a total of 93 pages, including contents and reference pages, in a PowerPoint style PDF file.


Main features:

  • Executive summary
  • Vehicle information and details of additional instrumentation installation
  • Cold and hot NEDC test results and analysis
  • Ricardo Brighton drive cycle results and analysis
  • Summary of PCJ strategy analysis for time, oil/coolant temperature and engine speed factors
  • Report conclusions


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