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Gasoline Direct Injection Hydra

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The Ricardo Hydra is a light-duty single cylinder research engine ideal for combustion system studies or advanced research as well as component and product development.


Product Description

Ricardo has designed and developed a gasoline direct injection research engine, which is the result of a unique combination of technical expertise and experience from many different areas of the Ricardo business. This has produced a world-leading technology product, the capabilities of which will be of significant benefit to future engine development programmes.

The spray guided GDI research engine enables stoichiometric, stratified, controlled auto-ignition or homogeneous charge modes

The GDI single cylinder research engine can be combined with a forced induction system to enable research into areas such as Lean Boost Direct Injection. It could also be configured to run in 2-stroke operation where it can demonstrate significant reductions in emissions over port fuelled variants.

Each design is inherently flexible, practical and durable. Applications for Ricardo research engines include:

• Advanced research, component research and development

• Light duty combustion system performance development

• Advanced combustion research

• Combustion control system testing

• Valvetrain system testing, electronic valve actuation testing

• After-treatment system testing

• Air motion studies

• Fuel and lubricant development testing

• Combustion with alternative fuels

• Computer simulation model validation

• Education

See a Ricardo GDI Optical Hydra in action here

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