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Hydra Crankcase Assembly Service Kit


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Crankcase assembly service kit for the Ricardo Hydra single-cylinder advanced research engine

Product Description

The Ricardo Hydra is an advanced, single cylinder research engine, with over 180 examples in use around the world. The recommended service interval is 100 hours or when a major change in configuration is undertaken. Changing these parts on a regular basis helps maintain the durability of the Hydra product, to ensure long life.

Crankcase service kit for a Hydra comprises the following parts:

  • 2 – Gasket Side Cover
  • 1 – O Ring – Bearing Housing Rear
  • 1 – O Ring – Cylinder Block
  • 1 – Oil Seal – Front Main Bearing
  • 2 – Bush – Main Bearing
  • 1 – Oil Seal – Rear Main Bearing
  • 2 – Thrust Washer – Crankshaft
  • 1 – O Ring – Bearing Housing Front

See a Ricardo GDI Optical Hydra in action here

Hydra crankcase assembly service kit flyer

If you have any custom requirements or cannot find what you are looking for then please contact the Advanced Single Cylinder Research Engine team direct:

Glen Hall – / +44 (0) 1273 794469