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Hydra – GDI Optical Engine

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An advanced 4 valve Direct injection optical gasoline single cylinder research engine


Product Description

Ricardo have designed and developed an advanced gasoline optical direct injection single cylinder research engine incorporating a full stroke across cylinder optical access, having an optical liner that can be removed together with the cylinder head assembly for ease of cleaning, and through piston optical access, through a Bowditch style optical piston extension, capable of skip firing at engine speeds of up to 2500rpm and peak cylinder pressures of up to 40 bar.  With: an 86mm bore; 86mm stroke; dual independent variable valve timing (“VVT”); and a centrally mounted injector with multi-injection capability providing numerous injection strategies offering the opportunity to investigate homogeneous and stratified lean combustion as well as the traditional stoichiometric running.

As standard the package also provides an open ECU, laptop with controller software, wiring harness and on engine sensors. Optional high speed data logging instrumentation such as a crank nose encoder, in cylinder pressure sensor and high pressure fuel rail sensor can be added. Ricardo can also provide a turn key solution for a test bed facility.

See a Ricardo GDI Optical Hydra in action

See article in RQ Q3 2010 pp16-21 


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