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Light-duty Hydra

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The Ricardo Hydra is a light-duty single cylinder research engine ideal for combustion system studies or advanced research as well as component and product development.


Product Description

Conventional gasoline and diesel versions of the Hydra are available, as are gasoline direct injection (GDI), controlled auto-ignition (CAI) and camless electro-hydraulic valve actuation (EHVA) arrangements utilising recent advancements in engine technology. In addition to a variety of unit cylinder heads, production multi-cylinder engine cylinder heads can also be fitted.

The Ricardo Hydra package is based around a common crankcase from which a multitude of bespoke and/or production parts can be added as required. The crankcase and many parts can also be reused which allows for cost-effective conversions between the different types.

The light duty Hydra engine is available in standard or custom design, with bores from 65 mm to 110 mm and strokes up to 110 mm. Of modular construction, it can be operated on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels, including compressed natural gas (CNG), ethanol and hydrogen.

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Each design is inherently flexible, practical and durable. Applications for Ricardo research engines include:

• Advanced research, component research and development

• Light duty combustion system performance development

• Advanced combustion research

• Combustion control system testing

• Valvetrain system testing, electronic valve actuation testing

• After-treatment system testing

• Air motion studies

• Fuel and lubricant development testing

• Combustion with alternative fuels

• Computer simulation model validation

• Education


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