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Mercedes-Benz ML250 BlueTec Diesel Vehicle Emissions Benchmarking Study

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This report contains detailed vehicle testing results from a study on the 2013 Mercedes ML250 diesel vehicle with the 2.1-litre OM651 engine.

Product Description

The report includes a comprehensive technology and hardware review, based on public domain data and consists of a total of 98 pages in a PowerPoint style PDF file.

Main features:

  • Overview of engine technologies
  • Vehicle testing
    • Road load measurements at Idiada
    • NEDC testing on chassis dyno for comparative emissions testing (158g/km vs. 165g/km)
    • Plotting of second-by-second emissions (both engine-out and tailpipe) allowing NOx conversion characterisation
    • Monitoring of various parameters, including:
      • Engine RPM & run time
      • Coolant temperature
      • Engine load
      • Fuel rail pressure
      • Intake/exhaust pressures
      • Mass air flow
      • Battery voltage + alternator current
      • Exhaust temperatures
      • Oil temperature
      • EGR cooler temperatures
      • Turbine temperature
      • Turbo actuation
      • EGR valve position

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