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Mercedes C250 OM651 Piston Cooling Benchmarking Report

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This report contains detailed testing results from a study on the 2009 Mercedes OM651 diesel engine, as fitted in the C250 vehicle.

Product Description

Features of this report include –

  • Vehicle instrumented for –
    • oil flow
    • oil pressure
    • Piston cooling jet (PCJ) actuator signal
    • Variable water pump
    • Electric thermostat
    • CAN channels
  • Cold/hot NEDC test results
    • Active PCJ and de-activated PCJ
    • Analysis of active PCJ and CO2 impact
    • e-thermostat and smart warm-up strategy analysis
  • Piston cooling jet strategy analysis
    • Time based factor
    • Oil/Coolant temperature based factor
    • Engine speed/load based factor
    • Identification of control strategies and inputs for PCJ activation

The report consists of over xxx pages, including all contents and reference pages, in a PowerPoint-style PDF file.

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