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Mitsubishi IL4 1.8-Litre Gasoline Engine Design Benchmark Report


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A detailed design benchmarking study of the Mitsubishi IL4 1.8L gasoline engine.

Product Description

This report covers a detailed design benchmarking study of the Mitsubishi in-line 4, 1.8-litre gasoline engine and includes a photographic record of all the main components, plus individual masses and dimensions. Ricardo comments on specific design features are also included.

Mitsubishi Motors claimed to be the world’s first company to manufacture an in-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine (GDI) in full production. It was manufactured at their Kyoto plant. The first GDI was available on the Japanese market at the beginning of September 1996 and was one of several engine options in their new “Galant” vehicle range. This 1.8-litre version of the GDI was available in European markets in October 1997, fitted in a “Carisma” Car

The 1.8 GDI is based on the crankcase of the existing 4G93 series engines, which have been in production since the early 1980s. This strategy was obviously adopted so that Mitsubishi could concentrate their efforts on the development and manufacturing technologies for the new GDI system.

Maximum power of this engine is 93kW (126hp) at 5500rpm with a maximum torque of 174Nm at 3750rpm.

Main features:

  • Cylinder block, cylinders, crankcase and main bearing structure
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting rod, bearings
  • Piston, pin and rings, cylinder head and ports
  • Camshafts, valve train and cam cover
  • Inlet, exhaust and emission control system

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