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Natural Gas and Dual Fuel Engine Technologies for Heavy Duty Vehicles


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A review of the technology issues and challenges related to the growing use of natural gas in the heavy duty vehicle market

Product Description

This report reviews the key advantages, technology options and key challenges for the use of natural gas in heavy duty vehicle applications.  It also explores the use of technology disruptors to exploit the true potential of natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

Technology options discussed include –

  • dedicated natural gas with stoichiometric spark ignition
  • dedicated natural gas with lean burn combustion and spark ignition
  • dual fuel with flexible substitution ratio and diesel pilot injection
  • dual fuel with fixed (high) substitution ratio with and diesel pilot injection

Key challenges to the mass market adoption of natural gas are also described, including –

  • fuel storage
  • boundaries to engine operation
  • emissions control – methane
  • emissions control – air quality

This report consists of 21 pages, and is a PDF download.