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Poison Centre Compliance Report

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Overcoming Europe’s complex hazardous product submission processes.


Product Description


The most comprehensive report of its kind


NCEC’s ‘Poison Centre Compliance Report’ provides businesses with the tools they need to overcome Europe’s complex hazardous product submission processes and avoid the financial and legal costs of non-compliance.

The report explains in depth the practical actions that companies must take to meet the diverse regulatory requirements across each EU Member State and participating Economic Area* – which results from countries’ widely different interpretations of Article 45 of CLP. Authored by NCEC’s regulatory experts, it is industry’s most comprehensive analysis of poison centre legislation and provides organisations quick and cost effective routes to compliance throughout Europe.


One law, more than 32 interpretations…


Article 45 of CLP states that countries must appoint a body to receive information on mixtures considered hazardous.

However, countries have interpreted this legislation in a variety of ways: the products that need to be registered, the level of information on hazards required, the intricacies of the registration process and the cost of compliance all vary widely between Member States and participating Economic Areas.

Businesses operating in markets across Europe therefore need to analyse and determine each particular countries’ requirements. However, without clear guidance on how to fully comply in each region many risk substantial fines or the removal of products from the market.



NCEC’s report includes…


  • Detailed guidance on how to comply with the local poison centre legislation and the regulatory demands of all 32 EU Member States and participating economic areas.
  • The industry’s first compendium of appointed receiving bodies under Article 45 of CLP and the Official Advisory Body responsible for providing advice.
  • Practical information on how to submit, the cost of submission and the appropriate Poison Centre numbers for Section 1.4 of safety data sheets.
  • Analysis of the European Commission’s draft amendments to article 45 of the CLP Regulations, reviewing the key changes in the amendment and explaining the steps businesses may have to take to secure business continuity across Europe.
  • Regular updates responding to changes in the dynamic regulatory landscape.



Formats available


  • General report (£500+VAT) – A detailed breakdown of the current regulatory requirements for each European Poison Centre, making it an ideal solution to compliance
  • General report + 2018 updates on Poison Centre regulations (£995+VAT) – Regular updates throughout the year to keep you fully informed on the most recent developments with Poison Centres. Includes analysis on the changes to Annex VIII of CLP.
  • Bespoke report (£3500+VAT) – Commissioned as a bespoke consultancy project tailored exactly to your business requirements, market and areas of operation.