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Volvo IL5 2.4-Litre Diesel Engine Design Benchmark Report


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A detailed design benchmarking study of the Volvo IL5 2.4L diesel engine.

Product Description

This report covers a detailed design benchmarking study of the Volvo IL5 2.4L diesel engine and includes a photographic record of all the main components, plus individual masses and dimensions. Ricardo comments on specific design features are also included.

The engine is based on the RN 2-litre, in-line 5 gasoline engine, having the same bore but an increased stroke. Its actual displacement is 2401cc.
The engine has 4 valves per cylinder with common rail direct injection and features a variable geometry turbocharger. The bore is 81mm with a stroke of 93.2mm. The cylinder head, block, bedplate and sump are aluminium alloy, the crankshaft is forged steel, and a toothed belt drives the inlet camshaft.

The maximum power of the engine is 120kW (163hp) at 4000 rpm with a maximum torque of 340Nm at 1750rpm. Power output per cylinder is 24kw.
Main features:

  • Cylinder Block, Cylinders, Crankcase and Main Bearing Structure
  • Crankshaft, Torsional Vibration Damper, Flywheel Drive Plate
  • Connecting Rod, Bearings
  • Piston, Pin and Rings, Cylinder Head and Ports
  • Camshafts, Valve Train and Cam Cover
  • Inlet, Exhaust and Emission Control System


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