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VW Golf BlueMotion 1.4 TSI ACT – 109 g/km CO2 Gasoline Benchmarking Study

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This report contains detailed testing results from a study on the 2013 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI ACT gasoline vehicle.

Product Description

The report includes a basic technology and hardware review. A vehicle testing stage is documented with emissions results and ECU variables plotted over NEDC tests. The installation of the engine into the engine test cell is shown, with notes on alterations required. Gear dependency is discussed and the full load power curve and motoring friction is displayed. Contour plots from the completion of hot mapping are shown with analysis, and a comparison is drawn to mapping completed with a warm engine condition. The effects of cylinder deactivation are presented, as well as the effects of fuel difference between 91 and 95 RON.
The report consists of a total of 582 pages, including all contents and reference pages, in a PowerPoint style PDF file.
Main features:

  • Overview of engine technologies
  • Vehicle testing
    • Cycle results
    • NEDC test analysis
    • Comparison to benchmarking database
  • Engine testing
    • Test cell installation and preparation
    • Gear dependency
    • Power curve and motoring friction
    • Hot and warm mapping
    • Cylinder deactivation
    • 95 and 91 RON fuel comparison
    • 95 RON temperature comparison
  • Conclusions
  • Appendices
    • 95 RON full power curve engine test data
    • 95 RON full engine test data – hot mapping
    • 95 RON deactivation range – 4 cylinder (hot)
    • 95 RON deactivation range – 2 to 4 cylinder comparison
    • 95 RON full engine test data – warm mapping
    • 91 RON power curve engine test data
    • 91 RON full engine test data – hot mapping
    • 91 RON deactivation range – 4 cylinder (hot)


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