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VW Lupo IL3 1.2-Litre Diesel Engine Design Benchmark Report

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A detailed design benchmarking study of the VW Lupo IL3 1.2L diesel engine.

Product Description

This report covers a detailed design benchmarking study of the VW Lupo IL3 1.2L diesel engine and includes a photographic record of all the main components, plus individual masses and dimensions. Ricardo comments on specific design features are also included.


The engine is based on the four-cylinder, 1.6 litre gasoline engine designed for the VW Golf two decades ago.


The subject of this report is the Volkswagen 1.2 litre IL3 TDI. This engine is used in the Volkswagen Lupo compact car, which consumes only 2.99 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres in the european test cycle. The Lupo diesel is believed to be the first 3l / 100km car and is the first diesel car which matches the Euro 4 standard with CO2 emission levels the lowest of any car, at less than 90g/km.


The engine is installed transversely in the Volkswagen Lupo and drives the two front wheels. It is coupled to an automated direct shift gearbox. This is similar to a clutchless manual gearbox, but with the added feature of a self-shifting mode to optimise fuel economy. The self-actuating gearbox is coupled with a stop start system. This will cut the engine after four seconds of idling in stationary traffic with the footbrake activated and the restart it when the accelerator is touched when the vehicle is driven in ECO mode.


The maximum power of this engine is 45kW (61hp) at 4000 rpm with a maximum torque of 140Nm from 1800 to 2400 rpm


Main features:

  • Cylinder Block, Cylinders, Crankcase and Main Bearing Structure
  • Crankshaft, Torsional Vibration Damper, Flywheel Drive Plate
  • Connecting Rod, Bearings
  • Piston, Pin and Rings, Cylinder Head and Ports
  • Camshafts, Valve Train and Cam Cover
  • Inlet, Exhaust and Emission Control System


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