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 Single Cylinder Research Engine Spares – WD300

Single Cylinder Oil Test Engine (SCOTE)



The Ricardo WD300 RFO is a compression ignition, single cylinder research engine capable of running on residual fuel oil and distillate and has been used by the oil industry as a screening tool oil since 1988.The engine operates on the four stroke cycle, utilising direct fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. An independently driven air compressor enabling precise turbocharger simulation to be achieved supplies induction boost pressure. The engine features two separate lubricating oil systems and primary and secondary balancing.

The crankcase is a two piece, Grade 260, grey iron casting which is split on the crankshaft centre line. The crankshaft is supported by three main bearings; one at the front of the engine and two at the rear. These are steel-backed half-bearing shells with a lead bronze lining and a precision plated lead indium surface. The crankshaft end float is controlled by steel-backed thrust washers with lead bronze faces, located on each side of the centre main journal, in recesses machined in the lower crankcase housing.The upper crankcase supports the cylinder block, the fuel injection pump bracket and the primary oil distribution manifold. A piston cooling jet is mounted within the upper crankcase.

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