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Fuel, Lubricants and Additives – Ricardo Knowledge

Ricardo Knowledge has a long history of delivering a multitude of small projects and technology studies for the fuel and lubricant industry. Our engineering expertise coupled with our extensive market knowledge provides many fuel and lubricant companies valuable insight and solutions to present and future industry challenges.

How Ricardo Knowledge provides that access

Through a Knowledge Agreement (click on the video) you access Technical Assistance as an ad-hoc and flexible service, an extension of resource and technical capability. With a dedicated account manager to support and assist, you have full access to the world-class engineering specialists with a diverse range of expertise.

Technical Assistance

Unparalleled integration of engineering, oil industry, aftertreatment and regulatory expertise

  • We design, develop and manufacture the engines, transmissions and vehicles that utilise your products
  • We have a 100 year track record of successfully providing the fuel and lube industry with technical support
  • We help you understand the impact of new technology on your products
  • We help you understand the impact of new fuel and lube technology on powertrain products

Examples of support are:

  • Real Driving Emissions – Ricardo seminar
  • Gasoline Particulate Filters – Technical Briefing
    • Applications
    • Rengenerations
    • Impact and opportunities to oil and fuel formalators
  • Natural Gas Market Study
  • Off Highway market study: mining, marine and rail
  • Key future technology trends for passenger car and heavy duty on road markets and their impact on lubricants
  • Technology roadmappingReview the latest technology trends
    • Develop technology roadmaps based on market drivers and technology development pathways
    • In depth analysis of selected technologies and their implications for F&L
  • Market analysis
    • Barriers and enablers for market entry, e.g. regulation, subsidies, consumer preferences
    • Market size and future trends
  • Technology analysis
    • Identify suitability of technologies for selected applications
    • Analysis of costs and benefits for selected technologies based on Ricardo simulation
    • Development of a custom database to facilitate analysis of these results

Fuel and Lubricant


Information Services

The Information Services team have the knowledge and experience required to locate and provide information of interest to Fuel, Lube and Additive clients, some applicable products are: