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In-depth understanding of CO2 reduction technologies and calibration strategies

EconoMark carries out a series of in-depth, benchmarking assessments of the fuel economy, CO2 and regulated exhaust emissions and performance of passenger car products that are considered representative of the current technological state-of-the-art.

EconoMark enables you to:

  • Support your low CO2 technology roadmap, product development strategy & prioritisation
  • Benefit from full flexibility and only buy benchmarking data from the application you’re actually interested in
  • Save on your benchmarking expenditure
  • Enrich your database with static and dynamic benchmarking data from best-in-class fuel efficient applications

Key benefits:

  • A dedicated focus on CO2 reduction approaches
  • A flexible scope of work
  • No consortium membership fees or long term commitment
  • A commercial model that enables this quality benchmarking service at an attractive price

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EconoMark benchmarking data is based on three key elements:

  • Vehicle testing
    • Emissions & fuel economy
    • Performance
  • Engine testing
    • Detailed engine mapping
    • Friction breakdown
    • Performance
  • Engine design benchmark
    • Materials
    • Manufacture
    • Identification of key innovations

The consortium is open to all interested parties including OEMs and suppliers.
Vehicle selection  is driven by the interests of participating members, based for example on considerations of vehicle performance and the technical attributes included in its specification.

Members rank candidate vehicles and final selection is based on the collective view of their priority for evaluation. The benchmarking process will include a full in-depth study at the vehicle and engine level with flexible content to be agreed on a case-by-case basis by the participating consortium members.

Typically, vehicle testing of emissions and fuel economy will be carried out together with performance and coast-down evaluation. Engine testing will include detailed mapping, performance testing and friction breakdown assessment. A full engine tear-down will then be used as the basis of a thorough design evaluation. Each vehicle studied by the EconoMark consortium is the subject of a detailed report outlining the results of the benchmarking process.

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