Jaguar IPace NVH Benchmarking Sample

Jaguar IPace NVH Benchmarking Sample

The Ricardo NVH team have conducted an independent evaluation of the Jaguar I-Pace. This comprehensive benchmarking activity has been compiled into a detailed and informative report. 

The NVH benchmark is priced at:

Sample report

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The benefit 

This report provides results essential for NVH Managers and Vehicle Systems Leaders in EV OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to enable vehicle level comparisons and cascaded system level target setting from the latest premium EV benchmark. Ricardo is an industry leading authority on platform benchmarking with NVH expertise spanning almost 50 years of engineering excellence within the automotive sector.

  • Detailed NVH characterisation - This report provided NVH characterisation for Powertrain Structural and Airborne noise of a new I-Pace as well as other NVH attributes such as Road Noise, ancillary noise, added Sound Quality comparisons, body sealing, subjective appraisal and design review
  • The Jaguar I-Pace was rated highly for a number of NVH attributes compared to other BEV that have been assessed.  Knowledge of the source and response levels of this vehicle is extremely useful for target setting and product comparison purposes
  • Cost / time saving – The price of the report is low compared to the cost of sourcing a vehicle, facility and equipment hire and test/analysis labour.  The report is instantly available
  • Further data analysis – Raw Time Data can be supplied for further analysis to the customers own requirements

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